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Google Cloud Compute
internet of things (IOT)
machine to machine(M2M)
human - machine interface (HMI)
embedded hardware design
UI / UX design
project management
application development
visual web design
responsive web design
web application development
mobile application development
IT management
BT LE / CANbus / J1939 / Modbus TCP
Qt 5.4 / QML
enterprise application development
JIRA / Bitbucket / SourceTree
C++ / C# / .NET
Node.JS / Sails.JS / JavaScript
MongoDB / MySQL
Android Native Apps
Windows / Linux Server
creativity / cleverness
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Diversified Hydrailic Concepts
website and identity redesign
Construction Focus
web-based project management system
custom automated mass-email advertising
Vault Stor & Loc
SEO and site maintenance
Imagination International Inc
IT management

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